Shroomwell homepage on a laptop.


Shroomwell, previously Chaga Health, is all about health products from mushrooms. With their name change came also a new, user-friendly website.

Heldeke! homepage on a Mac screen.


Heldeke! is a theater-bar located in Tallinn, Estonia. As a result of our work, the website was completely transformed and now includes a brand-new online store.


Health store BoostYourself is engaged in selling various health products. During our team's work, the website received a completely new look.


GraceFit provides women with the chance to engage in home-based workouts through instructional videos. To support this, we developed a video training page for the company, offering them a platform to showcase their essential workout videos.


Get Gig Now brings together job seekers with employers in the hospitality industry. Our objective was to develop a platform that guarantees the seamless functioning of this solution.

Seocim homepage on a laptop.


SeiCom imanufactures doors and windows. During our collaboration, we updated the design of the online store, created new webpages, and improved the technical aspects and user-experience of the e-commerce platform.

Island of pets homepage on a laptop screen.

Island of pets

"Island of Pets" is an Estonia-based pet food and supplies retailer. Its redesign enhances user experience and boosts online shopping efficiency.

VIvliving homepage


VIV Living is a private clinic that provides a variety of healthcare services under one roof. Throughout the course of the project, we developed a new website for the company.

Dan le Man website on a laptop.

Dan le Man

Dan Renwick, also known as Dan le Man, is a performer, presenter, and voice coach. To better showcase his services, we gave his old website a makeover.

Warmeco homepage on a PC.


Warmeco manufactures glass facades, windows, and doors. During the project, the website received a new design.

Panga Cliff homepage on a laptop screen.

Panga Cliff

Panga Cliff in Saaremaa, is among the most famous tourist attractions in Estonia. To do justice to its name, we created a new and fresh website for the attraction.

Toompargi homepage on a screen.

Toompargi Mental Health Center

Toompargi Mental Health Center provides services for supporting mental well-being. The project involved creating a completely new multilingual website from scratch.

CLT House

CLT House specializes in the sale and installation of modular houses. We collaborated to develop a new website for the company, enhancing their online presence and services.


Aixon offers a unique product used in the CNC industry. We assisted them in creating a landing page that highlights all the essential information about this product.

Irontec OÜ

Irontec OÜ specializes primarily in CNC milling and turning. With our assistance, a website was created for the company.


Holistikud (Horetes) unifies more than 50 therapists under its organization. Our team collaborated to successfully build a fresh, new website to cater to their needs.

MindDance website homepage on a laptop screen.


MindDance offers a video platform where clients can enhance their dance skills from the comfort of their homes. The client sought our assistance in bringing this vision to life.

Timberbalt website homepage.


Timberbalt OÜ specializes in the sale, maintenance, and provision of spare parts for forestry machinery. In line with the client's requirements, we relocated and enhanced their website.


InfoViking serves as a knowledge hub, collating tutorials, advice, and essential information from a wide range of fields. When the time came for them to rebrand, we were at the ready to lend our expertise.

Emajõe Laulikud

Emajõe Laulikud, the women's choir from Tartu Health Care College, sought a new website. We accepted the challenge and successfully delivered on their need!



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